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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Hallmark - The Beauty of Birds Series

Got lots of questions about my bird ornaments.  Hallmark started this series in 2005 with the Cardinal.  I didn't catch on until 2007, so my first bird was the Blue Jay.  From that point forward I got one bird each year.  Last Christmas my Sweetie found the Cardinal (2005) for me on e-bay or amazon, and my boys got me the Red-Headed Woodpecker (2009).  I still need to find a 2006 Chickadee.

I just learned there is more than one bird this year.  There is a Lady Cardinal ornament too!  If you have any interest in these ornaments you should get them while they last at the Hallmark stores for $19.99.  Collectors are selling the older ones for over $300.00.

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