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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In - Decisions, Decisions

This little feller needs to make a decision - before both cones melt!  If only we all employed such careful deliberation to our daily decisions. 

Thing is, we make diet-related decisions all day long - even when we're not aware of it.  Research shows we make over 200 food and beverage choices a day!  

I pass a candy dish every time I move from my desk to the printer.  One piece can't be too bad...right?  But if I repeat that decision 10 times a day, its gonna add up!  And in my mind, I haven't eaten anything because I never actually sat down to enjoy it.

There are times when we make bigger decisions on impulse.  Picture this: You've had a long hard day.  No time for lunch.  Meetings, deadlines and interruptions.  By day's end, your brain is mush.  You come home to find the meat is still frozen.  You're hungry and tired.  As you take inventory of your limited meal options, the kids start to bicker.  The TV is on.  The phone rings.  The neighbor kid wants dinner too, so he's repeatedly ringing the door bell. This, of course, prompts the dog to go berserk.   

Sound familiar?  So throw a lousy frozen pizza in the oven, and call it dinner already! 

Even when we've planned, shopped, thawed, and cooked our meals in an orderly way, we still make other decisions - such as portion sizes - without really thinking about it. 

Mindless munching is Enemy Number One.  Fortunately we can combat the enemy by increasing our awareness and modifying our environment.  To learn more about eating mindfully, see:

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