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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn Impressions

Collected a few leaves this fall.  You can see the top five maple leaves moving from green to yellow to orange, and finally orange to red-brown.  But the sixth maple looks like a punk rocker - bright, bold and different from the rest. 
What confluence of conditions would produce such an unusual color pattern?  Was half the leaf in full sun while the other half was shaded?  I'm trying to picture a quilt made in gold and hot pink, with lime green accents...

There must be some way to transfer the leaves' colors onto fabric.  Could I use them  like a stamper, capturing their outlines and delicate veins?  I played around with crayon tracings, but Crayola can't compete with Mother Nature.  Funny that the purple glitter crayon showed up the best.

These leaves will go back into the book for safekeeping, until inspiration strikes again.  :)


Shelly said...

Gold and pink and lime...sounds cool. It's smart of you to find inspiration from leaf colors.

Micki said...

I have always loved leaves, and they can be truly inspirational.