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Friday, November 19, 2010

Janome Horizon - Part 3

If you own a Janome Horizon, you should know that some of the automatic plate converters are defective.  Mine broke a few weeks ago.  The little tab snapped right off.  I thought I'd made an error, but it was poor craftmanship.

The solution is simple - just replace the entire plate with a new one.  I left my machine in the shop a few days so they could clean it too.  The repair and cleaning were at no cost.  Still, given that the 1/4" foot was also defective and replaced, I can't help but wonder what's next?

At any rate, be aware.


Joanne said...

I had to have my sewing machine replaced after a week because something was defective in the bobbin area - it jammed constantly, I was relieved when they gave me a new one. Although it is in for repairs now - something to do with the feed dogs. You never know!!

Barb said...

I have just purchased you like it other wise? It is on hold for me until we get back to the states.