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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Bye Gluten

Good bye dear friend.  I miss you already.  I've learned I can't have wheat (among other things) for the rest of my ever-lovin' days.  What a bummer. 

I've crafted my baking skills for years.  But the slate - like my cupboards - have been swept clean.  I'm starting over, with different ingredients, textures, methods and expectations. 

I'm grateful to Betty Crocker for coming up with a few (not just edible, but tasty) desserts.  I hope Betty will also find ways to make healthy, fiber-rich, every-day foods such as sandwich bread or rolls.  Many of the gluten free breads are just plain wretched.  Seriously, like very expensive cardboard.

On the bright side - I expect to live longer and healthier by changing my diet.  My gut will heal and I won't be anemic - for the first time in my adult life.  My stomach will stop hurting when I eat.  All grumbling aside, I will get used to it. 

This is where quilting comes in.  I get my best ideas when I'm absorbed in a project and forget to think about the problem at hand.  Solutions that evaded me become perfectly clear.  So in a round about way, I think quilting may expedite my adjustment to gluten-free living. 

Meanwhile, if you have any tips to share, please pass them along! :)


SueWis said...

Chris, sorry to hear this. But happy to hear that this change will help you feel better.

Quilting is therapeutic in many ways.

Joanne said...

Sorry to hear that, it seems to be coming much more common. I hear there are great alternatives now - good luck

Nancy quiltin' momma said...

Hi, I just read your post about having to go gluten free. My son was diagnosed with celiac about 3 months ago and life has changed. yes, those breads are like cardboard and expensive!! I've learned a few tricks recently to help my 18 year old son. We purchased a bread maker that has a gluten free cycle. I also purchased a few of the premixed bread mixes...except I'm adding flavor to them! Flavors such as onion, parmesan cheese, garlic, oregano...whatever combination you like. The one thing that makes the bread taste great is that I also put italian dressing on the outside of the bread and make panini (grilled sandwich). My son then piles on the ingredients! He loves it! I cook all the pastas in chicken broth and to make 'em taste good too! Just thought I'd share with you what we are doing. Take care, Nancy in MI

Nicole said...

I followed a gluten free diet for a while and found out that I was ok with wheat but not barley. So now I do not have to restrict all gluten. It was not easy but if you add sause or velveeta cheese to GF pasta you can hide the taste of the pasta. It will take a while but you will get used to the taste. My best advise is to try lots of different GF products in many different stores. The same product from a different company will taste different. You can even go to Burger King and order fries and a burger hold the bun. Sounds weird but still tastes great! When I do eat gluten I always drink a glass of milk with it. There is something in it that helps and I do not get the horrible pains. Good luck....the change is hard at first but you will feel so healthy after a couple of weeks that it will be all worth it to you!

Micki said...

Good luck with your new diet...It will make you feel beter in no time.