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Saturday, March 10, 2012

OK! Now What?

The quilt is basted, but I'm still stumped about how to quilt it.  I don't have a long arm, so it has to be something manageable on a home sewing machine. 
Here's an idea I've been toying with.  I would soften the curves on the bottle, but the lid would have to be a neat, clean rectangle.  I'd have to make a template and mark the quilt so the bottles would be a) recognizable, and b) uniform in size and shape.  I suppose I could do it as an all over pattern or in rows.  A swirling pattern would be a nice contrast to the neat orderly rows in the quilt itself.  And what thread color to use?
Better consult "Quilting Makes the Quilt" one more time!  :)

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