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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I've been thinking about creativity a LOT lately.  I want to enter the Barn Quilt contest, and vacillate between too many ideas or not enough.  I've generated 46 variations of one Log Cabin quilt block - and I have two more themes I want to explore.  But which variations to enter and which to toss aside?

I kinda know how creativity works for me - but what of the broader picture?  Why does it elude us to the point of being maddening  - and then (often unpredictably) provide a rush of competing ideas?

Many of us wonder about it, but one person has gone so far as to write a book about it.

Here's  how NPR describes the book:

I'm certainly intrigued!  I hope to read this book in the near future and to share insights gained.  If you're familiar with it, I'd love your feedback.

Have a creative day!  :)

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