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Friday, December 2, 2011

Monona Grove Throw

Here's this week's accomplishment.  One night I cut the fleece.  One night I blew up the logo, reversed it and cut it out of freezer paper.  Another night I bought stabilizer.  Last night I pressed the freezer paper onto the solid blue fabric.  Tonight I did the applique, monogrammed the future owner's name in the corner and cut and tied the fringe.  Didn't  expect to finish the whole thing, but was pleasantly surprised. 

I learned a couple things:

1.  For a large blanket, cut fringe to 5" rather than the 3-4" that is usually recommended.  I cut them to 4" and would have liked them to be a little longer.

2.  Press on stabilizer is expensive and can become very difficult to remove.  It's easy to lift off and even reposition at first - but the longer it remains in contact with the fabric, the harder it is to get off.  I went slow and took my time, as I am new to machine applique.  That was my mistake - all the while the stabilizer was slowly cementing itself to the fleece.  It wasn't pretty.  I'll definitely use freezer paper as a stabilizer next time I get the urge to do applique.  :)

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