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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa Came Early...

...and brought me a new toy!

It's a Hamilton Beach Deluxe Set and Forget Slow Cooker.  If you need ideas for your holiday Wish List - I highly recommend it.  Here it's cooking a beef roast, and monitoring the internal temperature.  When the roast reaches the predetermined right temperature, the slow cooker changes to Keep Warm.  You can also use it in the traditional way, turning it to High, Low or Keep Warm when you see fit.  Or you can program it to perform at a chosen setting (or settings) for a number of hours and then turn itself down.
My old crock pot had a non-stick finish that was  finished!  So I really like my new stoneware crock.  I often put on a roast in the morning before work - but always had call my son to tell him to turn it down.  And sometimes I'd forget to the programable feature is perfect.  I also use my slow cooker for potlucks, and that's been a hassle.  This one has a gasket on the lid, and the lid can be locked down for transport.  And the handles on this unit are full sized so you can get a firm grip on it.  Much safer!  Other little niceties are the lid rest, cord wrap and spoon that attaches to the lid handle.
FYI - I'm not being paid to promote this product - just think its the best thing since sliced bread.  :) 

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