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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quilting Quodlibet...Oh Baby!

As I've been wrassling this large, heavy quilt into submission, it occured to me that SOME people think quilting is a passive activity because you are sitting down. 

This quilt has bested me more than once, so I scooped it up and weighed it.  Seven pounds - just like a full term baby!  It took just as long to make.  This has been an upper body workout, so the word "labor" or the biblical "travail" seem fitting - complete with the gnashing of teeth when I had to rip!  At least I don't have to get up at night to change it and feed it.

I've finished the horizontal ditch stitching so I can now begin some diagonal lines, squiggles, stipples and FMQ leaves.  This quilt offers many options!  It will continue to get easier and more fun - as I remove more (accursed) safety pins.  I hope to pick up speed soon, because this is to be a Christmas gift...and yes, that's THIS Christmas!  :)

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Judee said...

Good luck! This is why I use a long arm quilter for big projects.