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Monday, June 20, 2011

There is But ONE Elvis....

...but MANY impersonators!
I've now used all of my Elvis fabric.  Could NOT find more of that awesome black & white zebra striped pattern anywhere.  Then I looked for a black & white stripe (think Jailhouse Rock), but struck out there too.  So I went with the rather tame musical notes.  They are certainly cute, but not as bold. 

The next challenge will be to decide who gets which it my friend Amy, whose retirement prompted me to send away for the Elvis fabric in the first place, or the give away winner(s), or the United Way Silent Auction in November, or the church craft bazaar also in November, or little old me!  I'm starting to think I need to order more Elvis fabric!  It also comes in blue...

If you haven't been following my give away, see my June 16 post.  The contest rules are simple: just read the post and offer a suggestion for what to put in the bag.  The deadline is less then 24 hours away, so don't waste another minute!  :) 

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