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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pink Ribbon Origami Bags

Do you ever get sick and tired of seeing pink ribbons?  I certainly do!  My mom is a breast cancer survivor.  One of my best friends lost her mother to breast cancer, and then her sister developed it.   Thankfully, her sister is also a survivor.  Last fall my aunt was diagnosed.  Following a double mastectomy, she'll be on oral chemo for 5 years. 

When breast cancer once again struck someone close to me - I got disgusted by the cheery little pink ribbons popping up all over the place.  My aunt's cancer was something I was trying to block out of my mind, and those damned ribbons kept intruding on my denial. 

I continued to eye the ribbons with mixed feelings until the other day.  I opened the Sunday paper - and there on the front page was a picture of someone I know crossing the finish line for the race for a cure.  She was sobbing.  It was impossible to tell if hers were tears of joy or grief.  When I read the caption, I learned she too is battling breast cancer.  We work together.  Not in the same building, not in the same division - but I've known her for 20 years.  I had absolutely no idea. 

There's just no denying it.  Its here, and it's extremely unpleasant - but it's also very prevalent, and we need to do all we can to beat the odds:
  • Be mindful of family history
  • Do monthly breast self exams 
  • Give up smoking
  • Maintain a healthy weight - lumps are harder to find in excess tissue.
  • Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • Get our mammograms done on time - later may be too late.
When I saw this fabric, I knew I should buy it and help spread the word.  I still sometimes cringe at the sight of pink ribbons.  But I've pulled my head out of the sand - far better to be alert and informed!  :)


Just Ramblin' said...

I like your pink origami bags. I am a breast cancer survivor and was happy to see your list of things to be aware of. However, there is not always a tumor or lump as in my case. I had Inflammatory Breast Cancer and there is no lump. It is found in the tissues. So, when doing monthly checks, it is also important to take note of any changes in the breast. Nola

bettyp said...

I am with you ! I hate to see them too. My sister and I will alway say "breast cancer is not the only cancer out there " Our Mother died from cancer......

Anonymous said...

i like the pink ribbon bags to support a worthy cause. has a cute pink ribbon bag.