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Monday, June 6, 2011

Strawberry Surprise!

One year ago I posted a photo of a single clematis bloom.  This year I have a baker's dozen, with more on the way.  But not all of my garden looks this pretty.   You've heard of process blogging relative to quilts?  Here goes some garden process blogging (at least you'll know what's keeping me from quilting).

My hosta bed is out of control!  I offer you photographic evidence:

Blue Hosta
Giant, Low Growing, Green & Yellow
Green Giant
Green & Blue
Tall Green & Yellow, Giant
Tall Green

Many of the evergreen vinca between the hostas came from an elderly neighbor's overgrown garden.  When I dug up the plants, stray plants came with them.  I planted, nurtured and weeded the vinca lovingly until 2 summers ago, when joint trouble interrupted my plans.  Happily, I'm back in the saddle this spring, but am paying a price for two summers of neglect.  Not only are my desired plants overgrown, so are the stray species.

Until tonight, I've been eyeing the chore of weeding, splitting and rearranging my hosta bed as a fate worse than death.  But today I discovered something wonderful - literally  under my feet.  Strawberry plants, in bloom!  Barely recognizable amongst all the weeds.  I'm amazed they're flourishing in deep shade and still deeper neglect.  I thought strawberries needed more sun and more tending to.  So do I weed them where they are, and see if I get fruit?  Should I move them to a sunnier spot?  Or move them to a nice big strawberry pot?  (I always wanted one of those!)  Will moving them at this time be too big of a shock?  Decisions, decisions! 

To my strawberry-growing friends in blogland, have you any advice?  :)

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Anonymous said...

Every year the Lussier Community Center holds a plant sale in early May as a fund-raiser for various area non-profits. It's too late for this season, but next spring you could donate some hostas to the plant sale. Those fund-raising would be grateful, and you'd have a home for the extra hostas. Our church newsletter always lists the date of the plant sale; one of our members is active in promoting the sale.