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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Star Chain Sample Blocks

I put together two sample blocks for my next project.  I love the colors and fabrics, but the blocks are unsatisfactory for a couple reasons: 

1.  The Janome 1/4" foot is defective and will soon be replaced.  This is (at least in part) why my blocks are coming up short.  I tore my hair out over my last (queen sized) project.  Would have been nice to know sooner!  And I need that new foot NOW.

2.  What is a Side A Triangle, or a Side B Triangle?  The cutting instructions in this book might as well be in Greek.  Buying the book is not enough, Ms. Einmo wants me to ALSO buy her Simpli-EZ Jelly Roll Ruler.  I checked the local quilt shops and fabric stores.  No one carries it - besides, I'm opposed to it on principle.

I had hoped to get one full day of sewing in this weekend. Between the 1/4" foot thats not really 1/4" and Ms. Einmo's proprietory instructions, it just ain't gonna happen. 

I guess I'll be forced to goof off!  :)


Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness! I'm truly very sorry to hear you are frustrated with my book! First, let me please assure you that you DO NOT need to buy ANY of my rulers to use the book or to make any of the patterns in the book. I state this very clearly in the Get Ready and Get Set chapters of the book. The rulers are meant to be helpful -- and to save you time and wasted fabric, but are NOT NECESSARY. And to clarify, Side A and Side B refer to the two sides of the Easy Star and Geese Ruler -- which are printed in pink and mint green ink on the ruler respectively. All of JoAnns stores carry the rulers nationwide, and the rulers are also available on my website. But again -- you can use any rulers you have on hand at home. If you'll read page 24 of the book, I provide easy instructions and illustrations so you can easily convert the simple units such as half-square triangles, and make them using traditional methods.

Again, I'm sorry to hear of your frustration. I'd like to send you my rulers -- free of charge -- to make up for your stress and so you can try them at your leisure. I hope you will contact me. My email is:

Chris said...

Hello! How very nice of you. Thanks a lot. I will be in touch by email.