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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In - Hunger or Not?

No, this is not my child - but this little cutie illustrates an important point.   Food is used in celebratory ways the world over, and we learn this at a very young age.  And so we eat to be sociable (birthdays, weddings).  We also eat when we're not paying attention (popcorn at the movies).  Sometimes we eat when we're thirsty.  Other times we eat when stressed or bored (you know, desserts spelled backwards...).  And don't even get me going on the "clean plate club!"

Here's some simple, practical advice from the American Dietetic Association for evaluating hunger: has short, informative videos on a variety of nutrition topics...breakfast tips, healthy snacks, even men's health.  Check it out at:

PS - I lost one pound this week!


Stephanie said...

Yeah Chris! You did such a great job. I love your post. I am going to check out the websites you listed here and refer others to it too! Thanks Steph

Deanna said...

Very effective layout on the rose quilt.

But, I am really writing to thank you for these thoughts on food. It is something I have struggled with for so many years and now I am ready to be rid of it. I find myself wondering "Why does EVERYTHING" have to involve food. The same doctor that warns of childhood obesity hands out lollypops. Wow! It is hard to get away from.

I am learning to celebrate in other ways. A treat these days is a quiet walk by myself or a little extra sewing time. Probably better for me than a cookie. I'm learning slowly, but hopefully I am really learning.