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Friday, June 4, 2010

Home, Home on the Range

DS2 insisted he'd seen real live deer at the driving range/mini-golf course.  The surrounding property is all developed, and has been for years.  The freeway is just a few hundred feet away.  I was certain he was mistaken.  So we went to investigate.  Sure enough, there were three young deer out on the driving range, feeding and playing along the fence to a very busy road.

While we were looking, a mother and daughter came by.  They said the deer have lived there for at least three years, and sometimes there are as many as five of them.  Right in town. 

I've driven past the driving range every day for years.  Like the bluebirds, I wonder what other wild creatures are right under our noses - but we don't see.  It was fun to slow down and take a good look around.  :)

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Wayne Kollinger said...


I live in Calgary, which has a population of over 1 million people. It also has over 600 deer, about an equal number of coyotes, and who knows how many jack rabbits, all within the city limits. Most people are totally unaware of them.

Some wild animals are very adept at adapting to a human environment.

Some are not. There are bluebirds all around Calgary but none in the city.

I'm sure if you visit the green spaces where you live and keep your eyes wide open you'll be amazed by all the wild life you discover.