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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Picnic Table Topper

I needed to take this baby for a spin, and had lots of leftover I whipped up a summer-y table topper.  What a difference a good machine and a 1/4" foot can make!  The nine patches were infinitely easier than on my old machine.  Pinch me, I think I'm in quilting heaven.

I still have enough squares to make a whole other quilt. Will save that for another day (I'm pretty sick of nine patches)!  I hope to get this topper basted quickly so I can try some actual quilting on the new machine.


Joanne said...

Lucky You!! Looks like you bought a fantastic sewing machine!
I have had my new machine for almost a year (last years Mother's Day present) and I still am amazed at how beautifully it works. ♥

SueWis said...

Such a pretty project from leftover scraps! I love it! Looks like you're having fun on your new machine. :)