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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A New Direction

This quilt was looking far too somber. I'm making it for an event called the Love, Lauren Celebration.  A celebration calls for vibrant, lively hues.  Lauren's favorite colors were red and purple, so that's where I started. Now comes the fun part.  Today I auditioned a lighter double four-patch.  I think I like it.  Here's the next batch of rose buds.  There'll be 8 pink ones - polka dots are about as bright and cheery as you can get.  I can't wait to sprinkle them in. 

I'm rapidly outgrowing my design wall.  Pictured is 7 x 7 (minus one).  The finished quilt center will be 9 x 9.  Haven't got a clue as to how I'll quilt it.  I'd love to do FMQ, but the quilt will be queen size.  That's a lot of quilt to manuever!  Maybe I could do it in quadrants?  Good thing I have some time to mull it over.  :)

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