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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Winter Song is Hummin' Along

Made a little progress in the last few days.  The nine patches are done, and I made my first cardinal - with no major blunders!   Takin' it nice and slow....the instructions are beginning to make more sense.

I questioned the name of this pattern: Winter Song.  So I looked in my birding journal to see when I first heard the cardinals sing in past years.  This proved to be a timely question; I've heard them as early as Jan. 15th (1989) and Feb. 4th (1990).  Hey - Feb. 4th?  That's TOMORROW!  

Every year (long before the robins return) when I hear the cardinal sing for the first time, I want to burst with joy at this, the earliest harbinger of Spring.  Every year I triumphantly annouce to "The cardinals are singing again!" 

Sadly, no one else "gets" it. They say "Sure, Chris" or "Yeah, Mom."  But I know, and the cardinals know: Spring WILL come!  Listen, we'll hear it soon! :)


mainer said...

Nice job,Chris! You are inspiring me to take it slow also.

Christine Hartelt said...

I did not know that cardinals are harbingers of spring. My bird knowledge is rather limited. Now I have something else to get excited about other than seeing my first robin of the spring. I can't wait for the crocuses!