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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Needle Turn Applique-By Hand

Finally figured out how to applique the pine needles on this quilt.  Here's my "Snip As You Go" method: 
Step 1 - Gather your tools.  Use Fray Check on all points and notches.  Tweezers and bifocals not pictured.
Step 2 - Outline stitch around freezer paper shape.  Trim fabric to 3/16 of an inch.  Don't trim anything to 1/8 inch until or unless you HAVE to.  If you get any fraying in handling you can then cut it off later, as needed.

Step 3 - Trim freezer paper tips to reduce bulk.

Step 4 - Use Disappearing ink to lightly mark quilt.  A couple dots will do.  Position applique.  Stitch with a waxed, single thread.  Leave a gap for removing freezer paper later.
Step 5 - NOW trim fabric around tip to 1/8th inch.  Turn tip under.  Secure tip with TWO stitches (one will simply unravel).  Fold under opposite side. 

Step 6 - Secure other side of tip with TWO stitches, before stitching down the other side.  Repeat until all tips are complete.  Remember to leave a gap.  Gently insert embroidery scissors to loosen freezer paper.

Step 7 - Remove freezer paper.  Use tweezers, if needed.

Step 8 - Stitch up the gap, and feast your eyes. 

Step 9 - For larger shapes, leave freezer paper in place, then remove from the back of the quilt.  This will remove some of the bulk for smoother quilting later.

Final Tip - Snip as you go.  Again, don't trim your shapes to 1/8th inch until you really HAVE to. 

Disclaimer: If you enter quilts for judging in competitions, do not take this last word of advice:

I quilt for fun,  so I reserve the right to modify an applique shape ever so slightly.  If you HAVE to do this, snip the exposed outline stitch and remove with a tweezers.  No one will ever be the wiser! 


Anonymous said...

Your pine needles are looking great - I like your tip about trimming the tips of the freezer paper.

Karen S said...

Nice tutorial, Chris!