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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Birds, Inside and Out

Mrs. C is finally complete with red tinges on her crest and tail.

Yesterday I spied the male and female cardinals approached the feeder together.  Mrs. C  then flew up to a branch and waited for Mr. C to follow.  He picked up a seed, flew up to her and offered her the seed.  When she accepted it, their bills touched.  It looked like they stole a quick kiss!

Today I spotted a band of 5 bluejays.  I've been hearing them for about a week, but didn't see them.  The spring bands are led by a female with several males following after her.  This is the precursor to pairing off for nesting season.  Yet another sign that spring can't be too far off.

1 comment:

Zoey said...

The cardinals turned out beautiful! Will bluejays be next?