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Friday, April 6, 2012

Pine Needles Sewing Center

Visited Pine Needles Sewing Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Their motto is "Sew Inspired," and as you peruse the following photos, you'll see that they do it (inspiration) well.  Not only are the quilts and merchandise impressive, but they hold over 100 classes a month!  Some cost money, others are free.  Nice, huh?

They sell a lot of sell kits, so if you see something you like, check the website. 
Now, feast your eyes:

So many quilts!  So much fabric!  It was a little overwhelming.
A Chicken in Every Pot
American Pie
Basket Sampler and Almost a Flower Garden
Buggy Wheels
(Looks like they'd make for a bumpy ride.)
 Dreamcatcher's Rainbow
 Food fabric!  Always near and dear to a dietitian/quilter's heart.
Fruit Salad and Domino.  Notice the gorgeous fabrics on right.
Interweave is on the right.
Love these bright kid colors!
It was time to leave when I snapped this picture, so I didn't catch the name. 
Its so big!  Impressive, no?
Let's Build a Snowman
Block & White on right.
Lucky Stars - I love how they integrated a traditional quilt pattern with the bold colors.
Milky Way - Considered buying this kit, but the colors didn't work for me.
Still more food fabric.  Good thing we had limited time. 
I might have bought it all.
This one is on the website, where you can see the entire quilt. 
LUV the purple fabric.
Simplicity.  This is one of the first things you see when you walk in the door.  Also saw the Bernina stitch regulator in use.  Wish I'd known about that before I bought my machine.  I might have made a different decision.  If you've never seen one, the machine senses how fast you are moving the fabric and adjusts the needle speed so that you can speed up and slow down as needed without getting irregular stitches. 

FYI - They DO take trade-ins....
Summer Gifts
Table runner - very bright!
The Way We Were
Thousand Pyramids - this one makes me sad the Food Pyramid was replaced with MyPlate.  I could have made a smaller version of this quilt with food fabric scraps.
They even had Peeps fabric (not pictured). 
They really have something to inspire just about anyone.  Whether you like Civil War reproductions, 1930s reproductions, batiks, kids' quilts, modern or traditional - Pine Needles has something for everyone. 
If you're in the Cedar Rapids area, be sure to stop.  You won't be dissappointed!  :)


Doreen said...

That is a really awesome shop! Haven't been there;-( Will definitely put it on my "must visit" ('bucket') list. Living 25 miles West of La Crosse, it really isn't that far (as quilters fly! Hehe!). Thanks so much for the excellent tour and eval!! Blessings and hugs, Doreen

Joanne said...

Great store - how nice that they let you take so many pictures - just like a quilt show for us!
My mother has a Bernina with the stitch regulator, but I prefer not to use it on her machine - I find it is too hard to get the stitching nice and smooth. My mother has even started to quilt without it and she is doing much better.

Jeanine said...

This one of my favorite quilt shops. I go there every time we visit my in-laws! A must see quilt shop.