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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heritage Designs Quilt Shop, Amana, IA

Got to visit Heritage Designs Quilts at the Amana Colonies a few weeks ago.  Don't let its rather plain outer appearnace fool you - there is much to see inside!

Here's what you see when you walk in the door. 
See those quilt backs hanging overhead?
Here's how they look from the other side.
This shop has a lot of batiks and Japanese prints.  They also have a knack for using traditional patterns in non-traditional ways, such as these hexies appliqued to a very modern looking quilt.  Ingenious!
I also like these off center quilts.  Not only do I tend to think "inside" the box, I think dead center in the MIDDLE of the box.  These quilts throw that practice right out the window - with striking results.
Likewise for the colorful star quilt and the moose - good visual impact!
More quilts and fabric.  Wouldn't mind that center quilt in my living room for spring!
Though I tend to focus on quilts, cuz that's my "thang,"
Heritage Designs sells a lot of needle work supplies as well. 

Check out their website, they sell patterns, quilts and even complete quilts.  :)

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