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Friday, April 6, 2012

Iowa Report

My sisters and I learned to sew from our grandmother when we were fairly young.  I'm so excited to see this tradition continue.  My niece, Sonya, 14 designed this quilt.  She and her mom and a neighbor made it together. 
The neighbor did the embroidery.  Sonya stitched the piano key lattice and made some of the pillows.  My sister coordinated the project, helped put the quilt together and made the more difficult pillows.  Great teamwork!
Sonya did her own decorating.  She watches a lot of decorating shows on TV. 
Maybe I'll hire her to give my house a face lift!!
My sister made this quilt for Mom and Dad's room.  Kitty likes it too!
They had to put in a new floor in the bedroom and included this star. 
Wouldn't this make a great quilt pattern???  :)

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