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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mini Retreat

Isn't this beautiful?  Some quilters I know colloborated on this project - but (horrors!)  it became a UFO.  The current holder is considering how to pick up where others left off with both machine quilting and hand stitching.  No matter what she decides, I know it will be beautiful!
Jane doesn't like piecing.  In fact, she hates it!  Her quilts are made with applique - and she's a pro!  This is the beginning of a quilt for a family with members and memories in Minnesota, Wisconsin, California and Louisiana.  Unfortunatley I couldn't stay for Day 2 of this retreat - so I didn't see how it turned out.  Jane said she had many more pictures to add.  If she posts a later picture, I'll let you know!

There were other quilters that retreated to their hotels before I went left on Saturday night.  I wasn't able to take pictures of their work.  Amy, Diane, Karen and Laura - I apologize!  I hope to get pics of your beautiful work when we get together in June!

Lois is working on this quilt for a client - made from clothing from a loved one.  I hope to see this when compete.  She has a border that she's still working on.  We were intrigued to see how many different fabrics she included such as wool suits, polyesters and even a swimming suit.  I like how she did crazy blocks, using fabrics in one color family per block.  I could have studied this quilt all night!

As it turns out, Lois lives close by and she's something of a celebrity. In 2003 she made a Ground Zero Quilt.  You can see it here:

It was made in a Lone Star pattern, to give the feeling of an explosion.  Each diamond is a photo of someone who perished on 9-11.  The Ground Zero Quilt will continue to be on display around the country for a long time to come!  If you go to the link and read about the quilt, she put a great deal of thought into its design.  Very powerful!

Had a great time with friends old and new, and learned a few quilting tips too. 

Now that's what I call a great day! :)

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