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Saturday, October 29, 2011

They're Back - 2!

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I THINK I spotted this winter visitor last week!  The White Throated Sparrow has been a regular winter visitor for many years - but for some reason, I never spotted them last year.  I'm wondering if they headed further South because we has such deep, deep snow.  They tend to feed on the ground and stay very close to cover.  I hope to get another look at this fellow this weekend to make a certain identification.  I sure hope he sticks around this year!

The Juncos are also back for the winter. I love how they twitter and zip around below the feeder. Am seeing lots of Chick-a-dees, Red Breasted Nuthatches and Downy Woodpeckers - though I see them year round.  I put out suet, which is always popular with this crowd.

I've tried to pay attention to exactly when the robins head south.  So far, they are still here in Southern Wisconsin.  Saw one today, in fact.

The Starlings, Grackles and American Crows are forming good sized flocks.  Its hard to know if they are local birds preparing to migrate, or perhaps birds from Canada passing through on their way South.  Speaking of Canada, today we saw many, many geese on even the tiniest bit of water. 

Will be keeping my binoculars close at hand!  :)

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Stephanie said...

So pretty Chris! Enjoy them, I know I would. Steph