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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Green Beans & Japanese Beetles

It's official.  My green beans are over the top - of the swing set, that is!
But look at these Japanese beetles!  Yuck.  First they ate the impatiens, then they hit the tomatoes and now they're on the green beans.  I visited a green house to figure out what to do about them.  Turns out they have a life cycle of only a month - which is about how long they've been around.  One can put out some sort of disk to attract them away from your garden, but that only draws more to your yard.  I was advised to ignore them for a few more days and then they'll be gone.  I can handle that!
I also learned that I over-fertilized my green beans.  They don't like any fertilizer that has nitrogen as the first ingredient.  It should come second.  Despite my overzealous use of Miracle Grow, today I spied several buds.  So again, if I just let them be, I may still get a good harvest.  That's my kind of problem solving!  :)

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