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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hosta Heaven

Today I visited what seemed to be a slice of hosta heaven.  Its really called Hosta Garden Companions, run by Tom and Mary Riddle in Madison, WI.  The Riddles have a large display garden with over 200 varieties of hostas and other shade plants.  They can provide you with design ideas, and will even do "installation." 
There is the small pond with a trickling water fall.
This gazebo shades the miniature hostas for sale.
All the plants are named, so you know exactly what you are getting.
I was intrigued by the small hostas.  I only recently learned there were miniature varities.  I purchased the one in the foreground called Dragon Tail. 
Here are the standard sized plants for sale.  So many to choose from!

While I was there, a young girl was playing in the garden, winnying and galloping about.  I presumed she was pretending to be a horse, but that proved to be far too ordinary.  She was pretending to be a unicorn - and I thought what a wonderful, magical place for making childhood memories!

The Riddles have a fantastic virtual tour on youtube (which is much better than my amateur photography):

There is a sale running July 22-24 from 8:00-5:00.  To contact them directly call 608-772-2791 or email them at  They are located at 1809 Waunona Way.  So check it out if you are in the area.

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501 Quilt Blocks said...

Although hostas have always been one of my favorite flowers, I had no idea there were so many varieties.