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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Prayer for Grandma

This is my grandma a few months ago.  She fell yesterday and broke a hip.  Last night a decision had to be made: continue to live in terrible pain or have high risk surgery.  She had surgery this afternoon and was back in her room by supper time.  Once again, we are astonished at her strength!  The doctor explained that the greatest risk comes during recovery, so she's not out of the woods.  If you are so inclined, please say a prayer for Clara.


Barb said...

Oh.....I will.....hope she recovers soon.

QuiltGypsy Mermaid said...

hugs and prayers for Gramma!!! She looks great for 101 !!

bettyp said...

Lord,I am praying for a full recovery for Ms clara .Help her to be pain free ,I pray you take care of her and also pray for her family,I know this is hard on them too . I pray this in the name of Jesus.

SueWis said...

Your grandma is adorable. Look at her with that cake! So sweet.

Will surely be praying for Grandma and the rest of your family.