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Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Projects

This project will look a lot like some you've seen before. 

This next one will be wall-sized for a fund raiser.  When I get sick and tired of making  3" nine patches, I can switch gears to the next project.

This is for a baby girl expected in mid-April.  I've been in the mood to work with purple or lilac so this'll be fun.  It was also the only kit that did not include a bright, solid, satin fabric.  To me, babies and satin do not go together.  Better to make a soft, cuddly quilt!  If time allows I may add some applique to spice it up a bit.


Micki said...

What beautiful projects! I love that colorful quilt.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I love the colors and the fabrics!