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Monday, January 31, 2011

A GOOD Gluten-Free Cook Book

I've been GF for less than three months - but long enough to miss some basics, like a good loaf of bread and warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies!  My sister recommended this book.  She's been GF for 6 years.  The caption on the cover is compelling by itself - if Gourmet likes your chocolate chip cookies you know they gotta be good!

The book advises against using dark, nonstick pans.  Being a smarty-pants, I thought I knew better, and lowered the oven temperature to account for the pans.  I apparently lowered it too far and that's how I ended up with the deflated loaf a few posts back.  It looked funky, but it tasted fine.  Since then, I purchased Wilton bread pans (at Joann's fabrics BTW) and am baking everything exactly as directed in the recipe.  Yesterday's loaf is the Multigrain Sandwich Bread. 

The book includes recipes for an all purpose flour replacer for cakes and cookies.  And there are two recipes for GF Bread Baking Flour Mixes.  Mix A is primarily brown rice flour.  Mix B is primarily sorghum flour.  I found the sorghum flour at Whole Foods.  I'm looking forward to making Buttermilk Bread with Mix A, and trying the Basic Sandwich Bread with Mix B. 

As soon as I got the book (at Barnes & Noble) and located the ingredients, I HAD to make the chocolate chip cookies.  Had intended to get a picture...but they were gobbled up too quickly!  I recently made the Banana Nut Muffins (I made loaves).  Its nice to have something sweet now and then, so the banana bread really hit the spot!   

As I was driving home today I had this incredible craving for a nice hot A&W chili dog.  I could almost taste it!  Of course the hot dog, chili and bun are all off limits.  I don't imagine I'll find a cook book that would emulate those flavors, but if I can have some good bakery here and there, I'll probably survive.  :)

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