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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There's only one good thing I can say about this deflated excuse for a loaf of bread.  It prompted me to take a break from gluten free baking.  Paid $7.29 a loaf for two loaves from a local bakery.  The homemade breads taste far better, but I got tired of wasting my time.  GF baking has been a challenge!  But, being liberated from kitchen detail, I began combing through bags of jeans waiting to be recycled into quilts, bags or what-have-you.  In doing so, I came across another challenge.

These two dragons are in my jeans collection.  Both were worn by DS2 until they completely disintegrated.  He wants me to "save" the dragons and work them into some sort of quilty project.  I can't make a full sized quilt out of just two I either have to make a small quilt or find more dragons.  Will have to put that on the back burner as I'm fresh out of ideas! :)

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