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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympic Rings...or Not?

Here are my Olympic Rings.  Hind sight being what it is... I should have made each ring out of 12 hexagons, rather than 6.  They look more like wanna-be flowers - which might not be a bad thing.  In that case I could add two more wanna-be's to the top, then make it a circular mini-quilt with traditional yellow centered flowers around the border. 

What I've learned so far:

1.  I need new glasses - ASAP.
2.  Buy premade hexagons.  Homemade templates may not be identical despite your best efforts.
3.  Masking tape works better than a thimble when hand-sewing.  I tape both thumbs.
4.  Consider buying Electric Quilts. 

I really enjoy sketching my quilt ideas, so I never considered buying the software.  But its got to be better than drawing a zillion hexagons, only to realize a different configuration would have been more effective.  So I signed up for a demonstration at my LQS at the end of the month.  So much to learn! :)


Joanne said...

Great Olympic rings!!
Thanks for the masking tape tip, I am going to try it!
My Mother used "Quilt Patis" (reusable plastic hexagon templates) when she made her hexagon quilt. She loved them.
I have EQ6, which I just love, and would recommend. I was a graph paper and coloured pencil girl before. Now it is a LOT more fun to experiment! It is very easy to use. Now when I see a pattern I like, I turn to my EQ6 to make it.
Have fun!♥

Cindy from "It's a Sew Sew Day..." said...

I too am piecing a hexagon quilt. Some tricks I have learned are: 1-use double sided tape with a leather thimble (it keeps it in place and peels right off when you take the thimble off). 2- do some research on a product called "Quilt Patis" It is an awesome technique to use with no having to go back and take out the bastings! 3- really, really, REALLY love the colors/fabrics you pick, because you are going to be staring at them a lot!

Happy Quilting!

Leila said...

Glad to learn the masking tape secret. I am making hexs right now too. Good luck!