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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Steps Forward, and...

...Oooops...One step back!  I sat down to sew on the binding tonight.  I was JUST thinking how nice it was to be back in my comfort zone.  Not trying to learn anything new...just enjoying some simple sewing.  But Murphy's Law prevailed.  I was, perhaps, TOO comfortable.  Good thing I recently learned how to rip properly.  I'd been using the seam ripper wrong for years. LOL

Despite my mishap, I got the binding on, and pinned my Lazy Daisy quilt sandwich. The room that has recently become my sewing room (until or unless DS1 moves back home) gets late day sun. What a treat to sew by the light of day, and I was serenaded by bird song all the while.  My idea of heaven.

Speaking of birds, the male goldfinches are half molted. They're losing their olive drab feathers, with bright yellow ones coming in. Right now they look like they can't make up their minds. I spotted my first robin on the first day of spring. I'd been hearing them, but hadn't actually seen them. Then I found a whole roost! I'm intrigued that the robins are back, but the juncos haven't headed North yet. My Peterson's field guide shows juncos in only the upper third of Wisconsin during breeding season. They won't be here much longer.

A little trivia about Wisconsin's State Bird: while other birds use song to establish territory, attract a mate or both - the (male) robin's song is not associated with these activities. The robin sings the most just before its brood hatches. They are usually the first birds to breed, and have two to three broods each year.

Happy quilting and birding. :)


SueWis said...

That border fabric is PERFECT for your Lazy Daisy quilt!

We have lots of very fat robins in our yard. :)

alice said...

The Lazy Daisy block is VERY cute! Good luck with the 2nd try of binding!

Joanne said...

The lazy daisy quilt looks great. I think we all make the binding mistake once! ♥

Stephanie said...

I love the lazy daisy quilt. Daisies are my favorite flower! I recognize the fabric. Do you love birds like I do? We are collecting Dale's hair to give to the birdies to make nests this season. It's the first year I am trying to do this and I can't wait to see if they take it. Take care, Steph