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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


They say change is never easy...but I disagree!  Went to an EQ6 demo Monday night.  It was a small class (4 of us) so we got to ask a lot of questions.  After seeing the demo and chatting with users, I knew I had to buy it. 

Next decision: What to do about my perfectly awful, old, malfunctioning sewing machine? I have a philosophy about staying on a budget: Stay out of the stores, and you won't know what you're missing!  But this  decision requires getting out and testing new machines.  Truly, I was better off not knowing what I was missing. 

After taking a Baby Lock for a test drive, using the automatic needle threader, needle down feature, speed control, thread cutter and no foot pedal.... I'm just amazed at what I've been missing.  A local sewing machine shop is selling the Aspire for $1800.00.  From everything I've heard, that's a great price!  I also looked at some Vikings.  I love the 10" between needle and the base of the machine.  But the Viking I would want is $2100.00 and has fewer of the features I'm looking for. 

No matter which way I go, I DEFINITELY need to make a change!  I have seen the light! :)

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Joanne said...

How times have changed!!!
I own an EQ6 and have a "fancy" sewing machine!! I sew things I don't need out of beautiful new fabric! What would our grandmother's say!! ♥