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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Out With the Old....

...and in with the new - into the ground that is!

Just in time too - pictured at top is the last container from the 2011 harvest.

This year's garden will contain Early Girl, Better Boy, Mr. Stripey, Yellow Pear and Husky Cherry Tomatoes.  In the Pepper Department I have Green, Yellow and Sweet Banana Peppers - with some garden space to spare.  Will pick up a couple Sweet Reds and whatever else strikes my fancy.  Too bad I don't eat hot peppers - there are so many interesting varieties available. 

If these plants do well this year, next year I'll consider other veggies and/or expansion.   It'll be harder to photograph once the fence is up, but this year my garden will be rabbit and DOG proof!  :) 

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Doreen said...

Making the garden "critter proof" is our biggest challenge, too! More like birds, deer, raccoon, rabbit, etc, etc, etc.....The fruit trees are the biggest challenge---the birds just love the cherry trees!!!!! We'll see how this year goes. The crazy early and then very cold spring days/nights really took a toll on the trees which were in full bloom.