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Friday, May 4, 2012

Antoinette's Quilt Shop - Portage, WI!/pages/Antoinettes-Quilt-Shop-LLC/210584975644312

Visited Antoinette's Quilt Shop a few weeks back.  They're a new business - so new, in fact, that they don't have a website just yet.  So I'll show you their wares, and hope you'll contact them if you see something you like.  Every new business can use some good PR and a few follow up sales! 

So take a tour with me...
They have much to offer, large and small.  I loved the fish wall hanging and thought it would make a great Dad's Day gift for any fisherman.  BTW - the fish had button eyes.  You probably can't see the quilt-themed Christmas cards, but they're charming!
Ain't this a beauty?  All those HRTs would take me forever - but some folks claim they're a piece of cake.  In that case, this quilt is for you!
I bought this pattern.  I may use different colors, but it's a long way down my To-Do List, so there'll be plenty of time to think about it.
Lots of beautiful batiks.  Its often hard to find light batiks, but there's no shortage here.
A variety of nifty quilt hangers too, both wire and wooden.

For those of us without an Accuquilt Go! Cutter, rest assured,
you can buy these beautiful, perfectly accurate cut outs from Antoinette's. 
If you're not sure what to do with them, there are some striking red/black examples on the wall.  Pillows like this would spice up any couch or boudoir!  N'est pa?
Wisconsinites - take a good look at these. 
Antoinette's has the panel displayed at right, with corresponding sample fabrics at left.
I do like the blue lattice.  Blue for our many lakes!
Here's the panel by itself.
And another treatment.  I'm gonna hafta purchase the panel.  Am kicking myself for not buying it at the time.  Blame it on jet lag (even though I traveled by car).
Here are some of those attractive wooden quilt hangers I mentioned earlier.
Nifty stuff for little kids.  This one's called Turtle Town.

AND fun stuff for big kids.  Love, love, love the bleeding hearts!

Seen enough?  Good!  Call or email Antoinette's to place an order - or even better - stop by and see it for yourself.  :)


Doreen said...

Living 30 miles west of La Crosse puts this place within my reach....will have to check it out!!! Thanks so much for spreading the love;-D

Doreen said...

I am sure they appreciate your PR for them AND I do, too:-D Not too far from me!!!!

Sandy W said...

I was in the area from Green Bay on 5-5-12 and stopped at this shop. I agree that it's a very nice shop and helped the Plover economy a bit with the purchas of a few projects. I would definitely recommend paying a visit to this shop.