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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Keeping Gluten Free Gluten Free

A variety of non-quilty endeavors are interfering with quilting and here is but one.  Did you ever try taking a gluten free treat to a potluck, label it as such and watch in horror as people push the gluten free sign aside and hold their (gluten-containing) plate over your lovingly cut and decorated tray of GF cookies - sprinkling it with gluten-containing crumbs - thereby rendering it inedible to the very people you made it for?  Or worse, making someone very, very sick?

Putting cookies in individual snack bags is the only solution I've come up with so far.  People with food sensitivities shouldn't have to sit out every occasion that involves food.  If we did, we'd have no social lives at all.   Eating gluten free is not depressing.  But being unsafe or having to exclude yourself is.  So this is my solution to date.  If anyone can suggest a better way, I'm all ears. :)

BTW - I used the Betty Crocker mix at right.  Where I shop, it's in the regular baking aisle, so if you only cook GF now and then for a particular friend or family member, you don't have to hunt all over town, and then all over an unfamiliar store to find a nice familiar treat!  :)

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Josie Passell said...

I do wrap individual portions and label, to stop cross contamination. I am wary of what other people say is gluten free and take my complete meal with me. I have been glutened in the last couple of days, have gone over and over the foods I've eaten and can't find what it was.