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Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy May Day!

As adults, its all too easy to forget life's little pleasures - such as finding a May Basket at your door!  This basket arrived on May 2, and was placed on my door by a local grade schooler.  I don't know him or her.  But someone put some love into this basket.  The school does this every year, and it's one of many reasons our neighborhood feel like home.
And speaking of creative are some of the things that have been keeping me away from quilting.  There have been numerous retirements at work.  We seem to be feting someone different each week or two.  Tomorrow will be my last day to work with Mr. Bill, so we will give him a nice little send off. 

I often get my best quilting ideas while doing non-quilty tasks. As I added the sprinkles to the cake, I looked at it from the top, bottom, left and right to see if my sprinkle border was even - just as we turn a quilt square every which way to find its optimal placement.

This project came about because of one devilishly persistent chick-a-dee!  A few weeks ago, I entered the garage to hear what I assumed to be the biggest woodpecker on the face of the planet pecking on my poor defenseless little house.  That bully!  Using my best Ninja bird watching skills, I came cautiously around the corner to find a tiny little fluff ball peck, peck, pecking at some old soft trim.  The next day he pecked away another 4 x1" section of the window frame.  I sprayed some repellent on the window, and went to work.  By day's end he had pecked away a 12 x 2" area.  Not bad for a bird that's only 3" long and weighs half an ounce! 

So my Sweetie and I set about to replace the window.  Got a window marked down from $137.99 for $27.99.  Ain't she a beauty?  As you can see, there is insulation to trim, dry wall to replace and inner trim to replace.  Outside we need to trim insulation, and do the exterior trim and caulk it up tight.  Like everything, DIY window replacement probably would get easier if you did it more than once.  But I'm kinda thinkin' this may be my first and last DIY window project. 

In addition, I've resumed physical therapy for my back/hip trouble.  Weekly PT, followed by walking, weight training and yoga.  Had my first yoga experience yesterday.  I've always associated flexibility with yoga, but greatly underestimated the amount of strength involved!  Oh well, when you start at the bottom ain't no where to go but up.  Right?

So that's what's new around here.  I hope to have SOMETHING quilty to report soon.  Meanwhile, I hope my quilty friends are enjoying Spring (at last!) with quilty (or even non-quilty) creative endeavors to lift the spirits!  :)

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