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Monday, December 31, 2012

Secret Santa Goodies

I participated in a quilting Secret Santa exchange this year.  Here (gaurded by my Chistmas Beanie Babies) is what I received in the mail.  One toasty warm black and white winter scarf that I've been wearing since the day it came.  A second earth tone scarf, hand knit fingerless gloves, a gorgeous quilting calendar and a gift card to Joann's.  There WAS some Dove Chocolate, but that seems to have dissappeared! 

I went to Joann's today, intending to use the gift card.  When I got there they announced that they were closing in 20 minutes.  The entire store had been rearranged, so it took time to find what I needed.  By then they were making multiple closing announcements.  Arrrg!  I grabbed a few fat quarters, but never got to look at fabric at all.  This proved to be a distraction because I paid for my merchandise, got out to the car and realized I didn't used my gift card! 

Dang!  Now I'll HAVE to go back to the fabric store again.  :)


Mickie said...

Have fun going back to Joann's to spend that gift card! I love your black and white scarf and all your projects! :)
Hugs, Mickie

Anonymous said...

What a shame that you have to go back to the fabric store. =)