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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garden Goodness

Took this platter of garden goodies to work today.  They are (clockwise from the top) green peppers, blaze orange peppers, zuchinni, blushing beauty peppers, in the middle sweet banana peppers, and of course cherry tomatoes.   Too bad I didn't grow fresh parsley to garnish the plate.

Still to come in are purple peppers and red peppers.  Cool nights have slowed growth and ripening way down, but its nice to have a break from cooking and freezing stuff.  Was beginning to suffer from garden burn out.

Later this season I'll have Mr. Stripey heirloom tomatoes.  They should have red and yellow vertical stripes.  I have several few on the vine now, but they're still green.  Can't wait to see how they look.  Pictures WILL follow! :)

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Doreen said...

That is gorgeous! We didn't plant a garden this year as we thought most of our time would have been spent out in the Black Hills (didn't happen!). The drought/heat would have had a huge negative effect anyhow. Searched for heirloom tomatoes at the farmers' market last Sunday but to no avail! Next year we will have to venture to "Seed Savers" (near Decorah,IA) and plant some for ourselves!! They are the best!!! Yum!