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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Imperfection: Embrace it!

WARNING: The following photo contains graphic images of imperfection, intense untidiness and strong disarray.  For MATURE audiences only!

I just read a blog about trying to appear perfect at all times.  Let's face it: we don't need Good Housekeeping magazine or Martha Stewart to make us feel inadequate - we do it to ourselves. 

And so, I proudly share photographic proof of my own imperfection.  If this sight looks familiar, I hope it makes you smile.

Unfolded laundry graces my bedroom.  My "sewing room" is a hand-me-down cabinet, in need of refinishing.  My latest project puckered, so I'm flattening it beneath heavy books and a crate of yet-to-be-started  projects.  The pillow shams never found their way to my bed today.  And worst of all - I left the house in a hurry this morning, so the ORIGINAL version of this picture even contained some "unmentionables."  (HAD to retake the picture...even I will only sink so low!)

But ya know what?  I had a GREAT day today!  I heard a speaker, toured a mine, attended a football game and saw a beautiful 12-point buck moving through a cornfield at sunset.  Enjoyed fresh air, sunshine and companionship.  I'll remember these things far longer than if the laundry was put away promptly. 

Now I admit, I feel a bit inadequate when a fellow blogger says "Gosh, I made this quilt for my book...."  But other blogs share what we already know.  Life and quilts rarely proceed as planned. 

To my fellow bloggers who've made intricate quilts with dazzlingly even stitches, from fabrics you dyed yourself - I say "Wow - way to go!  You amaze and inspire me!"

But to everyone else: So long as our imperfections are not illegal, immoral, don't risk life or limb, don't violate sanitation codes or reflect a general lack of scruples....I say, "Please, no more apologies.  Imperfection makes us who we are.  Embrace it!"

( I'll get off my soap box now.....)