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Monday, May 5, 2014

AccuQuilt Contest - Prizes for Voting!

Have You Heard???

AccuQuilt is having a block design contest.  

You can win prizes for your designs, or win prizes just for voting!

Click HERE for full details.

Here are some of my entries (so far):

Star Rail 
Out of all my entries, Star Rail is doing the best so far.

Blue Owl

Brother's Choice 1

Hawaiian Pink Pineapple - One of my personal favs!

Radiant Star in Yellow plus variations called Reds & Blues, and Platteville Star (orange and blue).

Target on Point
Inspired by viewing my son's targets without the benefit of my glasses!

True Blue Log Cabin

Scrappy Star

Tulips in Star

Tulips in Star in Yellow

I won't ask you to vote just for my blocks - but I certainly wouldn't mind if you did!  

Actually, you can vote for ALL your favorites - there's no limit.  You just can't vote for the same block twice in one day.  But you CAN vote daily.  In fact, you can enter or vote through May 27th.  GOOD LUCK to all who enter and vote!

Design work is cutting into my already limited sewing time and there's a list of UFOs a mile long just waiting to be wrapped up and posted on Etsy.

Gosh, I think I hear my Janome calling me now....  :)


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