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Monday, April 15, 2013

Crafters Meeting

Went to the church crafter's meeting on Saturday.  Some of the gals had a lot to show off!  Here one of the crafters is displaying a pillow case her 95 year old mother embellished by pressing and then hand stitching on these butterflies. 
She made 60 such pillow cases in about three weeks, and intends to make another 60.  Another crafter made a bundle of pillow cases as well.  Her work is showcased below.
Another gal brought a no-sew pattern for a fleece poncho.  Since she never sewed, she needed a hand with the cutting layout.  I was the only seamstress there, so we put it right out on the living room floor and got it cut out.  She was pleased as punch - all she had to do was cut the fringe.  The poncho was to be for a friend who is scheduled to have surgery in the next few weeks and won't be on her feet for a while. 

What a great bunch of ladies!  I do believe the Good Lord is smiling down upon them as they stitch, knit and craft for those in need.  :)

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