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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dino Costume, Then and Now

17 years ago I made two little dinosaur costumes for my boys, then ages 5 and 6.  I made them big - to fit over their snow suits, and the boys got a lot of wear out of them.  Eventually, my boys outgrew the costumes and the dinos took up residence at my sister's place.  Her kids enjoyed them too.  But time marched on.  Laura's kids have outgrown them as well. 

Just as we were discussing what to do with the costumes, my niece - a high school freshman - announced she wants to be a dinosaur this year! 

Here she is in the modified costume.  Laura inserted a panel about 6" wide below the zipper and tail, but above the crotch. The blue leggings are a great touch.  Sonya is over 5 feet tall, so for once that dino tail isn't dragging on the ground.  LOL

It does this Auntie's heart good to see her handicrafts living on and bringing still more Halloween happiness to her family! :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How very cute!! And, yes, the future of our handiwork is often dubious! Hugs, Doreen