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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Inspiration - Wisconsin Style

I got this Moda Wisconsin fabric in the mail today. It features our state flower, tree, coin, fish, light houses, lakes, trails and wildlife.  It can also be purchased with a caramel border. 

I got it from Antoinette's Quilt Shop (
I'll be making pot holders for raffle baskets - one basket to represent Wisconsin and one to represent Minnesota.  The loon on a lake would be very fitting for our neighbors in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  However, I can't start on this project until I finish the jeans quilt that has been on hold for just about forever.
Upon receiving the Wisconsin fabric, I got this quilt basted in short order.  I just needed the proper motivator!  Since I took this picture, I've tied off 2 1/2 rows.  I hope to do 1-2 rows a night - until all 12 rows are finished.  Then I can bind it and give it to the graduate when he comes to town for school next month.

Ah - progress feels good! :)

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