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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beer Traps

I've been pretty annoyed with the damage slugs have done to my garden.  They have attacked my pepper plants something fierce!  I tried fighting back the organic way - with egg shells - to no avail.  Also tried a spray-on pesticide, but it has to be reapplied every time you water your garden - and of course it gets into the ground water.  So that was unacceptable.  Then I heard about beer traps:

Boy oh boy, were they effective!  It seems slugs are most active at night, so I put 7 traps out at dusk.  All seven were full this morning.  I'll spare you the ugly sight that greeted me - but I trapped and killed around 200 of those nasty buggers!
Now my son says its a terrible waste of beer, but I'm pleased as punch!


Cassandra said...

200 of them!!!! Wow!! That's a lot of slugs.

Mina said...

I may need to try this. I tried egg shells and coffee grounds - but it didn't work.