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Monday, April 11, 2011

Lavender Chic Quilting

Had a little fun with machine embroidery and decorative stitching on the seams.  Now I'm wondering how to quilt the individual squares.  I want to make the quilt sturdy, without losing the simple country charm.  Is one 1/4" echo (in an 8" square) strong enough?  Or a 1" decorative echo on either side of the horizontal and vertical stitching?  I DO have a heart stitch that I've never used.  Hmmmm...decisions, decisions!  :)

1 comment:

Zoey said...

Hmmm...been sitting here a bit trying to figure out what I would do. I am thinking the 1-inch echo around all the seam.

I would probably also stitch just inside the heart because in an 8-inch square there would be 6 inches without quilting (if I am calculating correctly) and I would be afraid it would get all wonky when washed.

Good luck on your decision! It looks great.